Bigfoot  Trail  Alliance

BFT Trail Safety

The BFT isn’t like the PCT.

Trail safety is of utmost importance as there are no trail markers, in places the trail is indistinct, and in places there are significant obstacles like downed trees and thick brush. Cell phone reception is limited or non-existent.

News broke on June 23rd that a Bigfoot Trail hiker did not arrive at a pre-arranged meeting point in Hayfork, California. According to his family, he had planned to make the 80 mile trek in 6 days.

With the missing person report, volunteers jumped into action searching for the lost hiker. Hundreds of hours where spent coordinating efforts from afar and ground-truthing trail in the field. Search and rescue personnel also risked their own lives searching the wilderness for David Ura

Fortunately, David was found alive on June 29th. He was quite far south of the start of the Bigfoot Trail on the Mendocino National Forest. So what went wrong?

Tips for a successful adventure on the BFT:

  • Plan carefully and thoroughly, well in advance.
  • Use several forms of navigation including maps and our GPX track.
  • Have a back up plan if your initial plans do not work out, don’t be afraid to call it quits if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Bring a communication device so as to not put your family in a difficult situation.
  • Take your time!

The Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel is difficult to navigate.

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