Bigfoot  Trail  Alliance

Introducing a new regional trail

The Bigfoot Trail

The 501c3 Bigfoot Trail Alliance advocates for regional trail systems. As a collective board, we are in favor of increased trail access across the Klamath Mountain region and actively support expansion and improvement of trails and trail systems regionally.

Recently, confusion has arisen with respect to the Bigfoot Trail and another proposed route in the region. The Bigfoot Trail and the Bigfoot Trail Alliance are not connected to the Siskiyou Peaks Trail proposal, even though the logo crafted for the Siskiyou Peaks Trail has a Bigfoot silhouette on it.

The routes originator calls the route a National Scenic Trail by way of the logo. National Scenic Trails and National Historic Trails may only be designated by an act of Congress and we do not believe that the trail has been designated (although it is certainly worthy of that designation). As an organization that has worked within a framework established by US Forest Service, we are disappointed by these unfortunately misleading and confusing representations. The route also proposes hiking through delicate, high-elevation habitats that are currently without trails. We are concerned about potential impacts to these ecosystems.

Siskiyou Peaks Trail

In order to have the Bigfoot Trail recognized and understood by the general public and US Forest Service, the Bigfoot Trail Alliance has worked diligently to take the proper steps for outreach and education around our proposed route.

These actions include:

  • Establishing a 501c3 with a board of directors.
  • Establishing volunteer agreements with the Forest Service.
  • Developing a Challenge Cost Share agreement with the Mendocino, Shasta-Trinity, Klamath, and Six Rivers national forests.
  • Being clear and transparent with our members, and the public, that we do not have any formal status as a trail, yet. (We are working to secure National Recreation Trail status in the next few years.)
  • Limiting our route to established Forest Service trails and roads.

We believe the originator of this route has the best of intentions and, as a board, we are going to reach out to help legitimize this proposal. We are in strong favor of regional hiking trails!

Bigfoot Trail Alliance Board of Directors


Michael Kauffmann, Board President