Bigfoot  Trail  Alliance

2017 Board Retreat

The Bigfoot Trail Alliance Board of Directors met October 20-21, 2017 at Rock Creek Ranch in Del Norte County–right on the trail. We  revisited our 2017 goals, set goals for 2018, and planned for the future. Below is a summary of our discussions.

Selection of board members and family along the South Kelsey Trail.

Meeting Highlights and Goals

  • Public Relations
    • Highlight hikers – Let us know if you hike the trail HERE.
    • Highlight shorter hikes and weekend trips
    • Reach out to hikers to share photos of them on trail and hikes they did.
  • We plan to double our trail work efforts in 2018
    • June 15th-20th on the South Kelsey Trail — Gunbarrel to Baldy!
    • Planning for work in the Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness
  • Support Forest Service
    • Over 400 hours contributed to trail work on the Six Rivers in 2017
  • Non-funded Cost Share Agreement
    • In the works with Region 5, should be in place by early 2018
  • Signage needs to be ramped up in key areas (Canyon Creek, Ides Cove, Hayfork, Siskiyous)
  • BFTA membership (66 members as of October 2017) — thanks for your support!

Fall hiking along the Bigfoot Trail.