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Fir Glade Trail

Getting There: Fir Glade Trail

The Fir Glade Trail is about an hour drive south of Applegate, Oregon. The roads to Low Gap are fine for 2WD vehicles. The final half mile to Fir Glade will require a high clearance vehicle. The hike itself is moderate, with an elevation gain of around 1,000′ over the four-mile one-way hike to the high point. Travel another mile past the Figurehead Mountain pass to Azalea Lake.

Day-hiking route to the Red Buttes highpoint.

Intersection with the Bigfoot Trail.

The first two miles from Fir Glade to the intersection with the Steve’s Fork trail wanders through, not surprisingly, fir forests with Douglas and white firs. The route also passes numerous springs and meadows before entering a drier pine forest near the intersection. Once on the Bigfoot Trail, the springs and meadows disappear and montane chaparral becomes more common on the final 2 miles to Figurehead Pass.

Fir Glade Trail.

Views open up to the Klamath River valley. Smoke is from the numerous fires burning in August 2017.

Other highlights: