Bigfoot  Trail  Alliance

Compliant Farms

Business Partner Profile: Compliant Farms
How did you hear about the Bigfoot Trail?

One of our owners, Hollie Hall, has known Michael Kauffmann, the Bigfoot Trail Board President and his wife for more than a decade. She trusts and values their community endeavors and encouraged our support.

Why did you choose to become a business partner with the Bigfoot Trail Alliance?

We believe that being in nature generates human wellness and appreciation for the natural world. The Bigfoot Trail Alliance creates a mechanism for a people to be in nature.

What are your hopes for the future of the Bigfoot Trail and a regional trail system in northwest California?
To become a commonly used trail system that generates a sense of safety, community pride, personal empowerment, and knowledge for those that use it.
What is your business and where is it located?

Compliant Farms is a collaboration of Hollie Hall & Associates Watershed Resources Consulting and High Tide Permaculture providing property owners with the guidance, information and services needed to navigate the environmental regulatory agency waters.  We specialize in the implementation of a streamlined process to ensure delivery of a high quality services without the big firm prices. We integrate principles of adaptive management and permaculture practices with cannabis farming techniques to create watershed sustainability.


In 2016, our clients, mostly cannabis farmers, contributed $20,000.00 to a Watershed Fund that is being formalized at the Humboldt Area Foundation. We are proud to work with cannabis farmers to nurture the sustainable cannabis movement here in the Emerald Triangle.