Bigfoot  Trail  Alliance

Barefoot Wine & Bubbly

Barefoot Wine

How did you hear about the Bigfoot Trail?

Some of our friends at the Redwood Parks Association mentioned the trail to me.

What is your business and where is it located?

The Barefoot Winery produces award winning Wines and Bubblies. Our Winery is in Modesto.

Why did you choose to become a business partner with the Bigfoot Trail Alliance?

Barefoot is making the world a better place through wine.  As the Ambassador of the Barefoot Winery I have an opportunity to support non-profits that are doing great things.  We call these efforts our local-love campaigns. The environmental non-profits we support are some of my favorite relationships.  The Barefoot Winery supports over 3,000 benefits for non-profits a year in North America.

What are your hopes for the future of the Bigfoot Trail and a regional trail system in northwest California?

A personal goal of mine is to bring nature study to young people. What better way to achieve this goal than to create great trails that will help create future advocates for Parks and Nature.