Bigfoot  Trail  Alliance

BFT in Backpacker Magazine


“We’ll know it when we see it,” my husband tells me after I stop to check the map for the third time. Trail beta for the next water source is particularly enigmatic: The spring is in the middle of a field just past the three-forked tree. I scrutinize the trees—sugar pines, Pacific yews, mountain hemlocks—scattered on the dry ridge, but nothing looks quite right. That seems on-theme for a 360-mile trail named for an elusive beast. Finally, we see it: not Sasquatch, but a massive Shasta fir, with three branches locked in a centuries-old race to reach the sky. It shades a site that’s large enough for a dozen tents, but my husband and I have it to ourselves. We drop our packs as the sun casts a long shadow over the peaks to the south, and find the elusive spring in a field of golden grass. On this trail, seeing is believing.”     -Laura Lancaster in Backpacker January 2017

Lauren wrote a nice story about a 16 mile weekend adventure in the Marble Mountain Wilderness along the Bigfoot Trail for Backpacker Magazine. She highlighted the conifer diversity and unique geology along this 16 mile section of trail