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Little Bald Hills Trail


The BFTA Board of Directors.

The Little Bald Hills Trail is one of the most ecologically diverse hikes in the West. It begins where the fertile soils of the North Coast Range nurture the tallest trees in the world and then climbs to the Klamath Mountains where serpentine soils inhibit plant growth and promote biological rarity. We enjoyed 10 miles of redwoods, rare Port Orford-cedars, Jeffrey pine savannas, manzanita gardens, and pitcher plant fens across Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Redwood National Park, and the Six Rivers National Forest.

Hike the Little Bald Hills Trail

Hike the Little Bald Hills Trail

In addition to a great hike, we also met as a board — some for the first time — and set targeted goals for the next year. Our plans include, but are not limited to:

  1. Updating our map set and GPS track for the 2017 hiking season.
  2. Developing a Non-Funded Challenge Cost Share Agreement with the Forest Service.
  3. Re-mapping the trail in 2017 (Thanks Gregg Hein and Sara Fry!)
  4. Further supporting the Mountains and Rivers Bill and the establishment of the BFT as a National Recreation Trail.
  5. Continuing public outreach through art, education, and trail work.
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