Bigfoot  Trail  Alliance

Brian “Buck-30” Tanzman

From Brian “Buck-30” Tanzman’s Postholer Trail Journal


The BFT is a neat little trail. I wouldn’t say it completely knocked my socks off and blew me away like say the Hayduke or Great Divide Trail did, but I really enjoyed the BFT. For a trail that is mostly forested it kept me interested with its big trees, lots of diversity and lots of thinking about where I was going.


It’s a fairly difficult trail. Not difficult in a bad way, but challenging. There’s no one specific thing that makes it terribly hard, but a combination of things that make it challenging. There’s (almost) no insane bushwhacking or trail so bad you can barely move. The following things come to mind as challenging when a couple or several are combined: When on trail it is many times in poor shape and rarely if ever maintained by anyone. Occasionally a chainsaw crew may come out, but most trail tread is in bad shape and overgrown and vague and narrow. At these times navigation can be a bit challenging. The trail had a surprising amount of elevation change. There were a fair number of climbs from 2,000′ to way up. Weather can be a concern in the form of hot, hot days depending on where you hike. The long road section across Hayfork can be demoralizing. So nothing insane, but it ain’t no PCT.

Brian Tanzman