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Adventure's Edge

Adventure’s Edge – our newest business partner!

Why did you choose to become a business partner with the Bigfoot Trail Alliance?

We decided to become a business partner with the Bigfoot Alliance because I love the outdoors and want to see more people out there enjoying it as well. My hopes would be that you could extend your trail network and get more people aware of what you are doing.

What is your business and where is it located?

Adventure’s Edge was started in 1970 by two outdoor enthusiasts who were drawn to Humboldt County by its natural beauty and by the local college, Humboldt State University. As the current owner (Jennifer Johnson) I am a Humboldt native. I received my MBA at Humboldt State University in Business Administration. I am an outdoor enthusiast as well as avid cyclist and back packer. We now have two stores–one in Arcata and one in Eureka, which was started in 2010.

What are your hopes for the future of the Bigfoot Trail and a regional trail system in northwest California?

As and avid cyclist and backpacker, I think it is great that this trail–in certain sections–can be used by both hikers and mountain bikers.

Note: Section 2 in along the South Fork Trinity River and Section 8 along the Little Bald Hills are both single track trail that can be used by mountain bikers.

Thanks for supporting the BFTA!