Bigfoot  Trail  Alliance

Sage Clegg

Introducing our Board of Directors:

As the paperwork begins to be filed with the state and feds for our 501(c)(3) non-profit status, we wanted to slowly roll out and introduce our board of directors. Meet Sage Clegg – lover of wild places and thru-hiking expert:

Sage-CleggSage loves walking in wild places & is drawn to unfinished, rugged routes in hidden corners of the west. Since discovering thru-hiking on the Grand Enchantment Trail in 2008, she has completed the triple crown of thru-hikes (PCT, CDT, AT), as well as a handful of shorter, less traveled routes, including the Oregon Desert Trail & her own trail, the Japhy Ryder Route. When she heard of the Bigfoot Trail it seemed like a good fit, & in July 2014 thru-hiked it north bound.
Growing up in Mendocino County (Willits), Sage knew the north western corner of California was something special and unique. She left Mendocino County for college at UC Santa Cruz. After College she instructed backpacking courses for Outward Bound in Montana, Texas, & the Sierras for the better part of a decade. In 2008 she started working as a Desert Tortoise biologist in the Mojave Desert, spending spring & fall with tortoises, & thru-hiking during her off seasons. In 2011 Sage met her partner, Adam Drummer, & moved from the back of her truck into a house in Bend. The couple migrates to the Mojave for work every spring and fall, swinging by Bigfoot country when they can.