Bigfoot  Trail  Alliance

Our First Board Meeting!

Our first meeting was a success! Three board members were together in Arcata, California, the other four called in (hence the phone in the picture). Minutes are being typed up, but highlights of the meeting include:

  1. 501c3 Status Update – We have been approved by the IRS! State application comes next.

  2. Worked on developing our Vision-Mission statement.

  3. Approved the establishment of our bank account.

  4. Discussed improving our website and initiating supporter memberships.

  5. Discussed ways to connect with the national forests the trail crosses as well as looking toward creating MOUs with each forest.

  6. Set out Board Member goals for grant writing and fund raising.

  7. Established field work priorities for the future.

Meet the Board of Directors

Jason Barnes, Michael Kauffmann, and Rees Hughes at the first Bigfoot Trail Alliance board meeting.

Jason Barnes, Michael Kauffmann, and Rees Hughes at the first Bigfoot Trail Alliance board meeting.

Stay tuned for more and thanks for your support.

  • Bryian

    All great news…glad to hear about the momentum! If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know. The trail is in my backyard afterall. I want to thru hike it, but work/family responsibilities limit my trail time. Let’s connect though, I’m excited for this trail


    • Michael Kauffmann

      Thanks Bryian- great news about helping. We are just starting to get our volunteer organization going. I’ve got your email now and will be in touch. -MK

  • Jaime Haskins

    I first learned about this trail from Vern Higham who I personally refer to as “Snake Eater”. We ran into each other on the Arizona Trail. I’m excited about all the trail construction going on around the country and the prospects for more remote experiences year round. I hiked 90 miles of the IAT in Quebec in late summer and saw no other person outside of the towns. I look forward to the BFT.

  • Vern Higham

    Great news, Michael! I’m looking forward to another BFT hike in 2016, hopefully fire-free. THANK YOU to everyone on the board and all Alliance members for supporting the world’s most awesome trail!

  • She’om

    Congratulations on the 501c3!
    What are your trail priorities? What do you need funds for now? How bad did the 2015 fires affect the BFT route?
    Keep me posted

    • Michael Kauffmann

      She’om– we currently have two priorities: 1. the Kelsey Trail in the Siskiyous and 2. a section of trail in the Yolla Bolly. The main reason for funding is to help support teams of folks (including volunteers) to get into these areas in summer 2016 and do trail work. I think the major issue with fires was along some road walks in Trinity County — but we’ll see what reports we get this summer until we know for sure.

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