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BFT Route

BFT Route

“The Bigfoot Trail: A Celebration of Klamath Mountain Flora.” 

May 13, 2015 @7:30 p.m. At the Six Rivers Masonic Lodge, 251 Bayside Rd., Arcata.

The Bigfoot Trail travels 360 miles across the Klamath Mountains from the subalpine slopes of the Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness to the temperate rainforest in Crescent City. Michael Kauffmann, the trail’s originator, will take you on a photographic journey along the route to celebrate the region with both the common and rare plants along the way, including 32 species of conifers. Visit to preview the route. To get ready for summer hiking, an updated map set and write-up for the route will be available for purchase, with a portion of the proceeds going to North Coast CNPS. Michael’s new book, A Field Guide to Manzanitas, will also be available with all proceed going to North Coast CNPS.

The Bigfoot Trail is a journey to discover the natural history of the Klamath Mountains.

The Bigfoot Trail is a journey to discover the natural history of the Klamath Mountains.

  • Hernan A Sotela

    i hope to hike this trail as Retirement get away!

  • Greg Jacobs

    I spent nearly two decades hiking the Siskiyou’s and the Klamath Mountains long before it was known to the rest of the world. It is truly one of the most spectacular places on the planet. I do have concerns that to much attention will ruin the beautiful solitude that exists within these wild locations. How many places are left in the world that are truly wild? Not every place needs to be advertised to the masses through social media or large numbers of public presentations. Please consider the sensitivity of these areas as you introduce them to our over populated planet. One of the most important conservation issues we face as the population continues it exponential growth will be to many users. The damage this causes to solitude, sensitive areas and endangered wildlife is irreversible.

    • Michael Kauffmann

      Greg- Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree, it is truly a most spectacular place.

      I have debated many of the aspects of what I do in sharing information about the Klamath. From writing and publishing Conifer Country to promoting the Bigfoot Trail. Overall, I believe that sharing a love for a place–especially today when our culture is losing its connection to the natural world–is extremely important. I hope that my message promotes a stewardship through a connection to the landscape. We cannot care and protect as a culture if people do not know and understand a place. So few have even heard of the Klamath Mountains, much less the fact that it is the most biodiverse temperate coniferous forest in North America. Thus, I hope I am ultimately promoting stewardship for this spectacular landscape.

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